Thursday, 29 August 2013

Window cleaning Kingslynn college

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Abseiling Contractors for London

CCS Ltd offer Rope Access services #abseiling #contractors throughout London

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Can it possibly get any colder?

Be prepared for the weather.
Don't get caught out by adverse weather conditions. I've got caught out a couple of times, By not taking into account the wind chill factor, Plenty of hot drinks but preferably not whilst on the ropes.
So be prepared, stay safe.

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Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Eyebolt testing london

Rope Access and fall arrest eyebolts provide internal fixed anchors we cover London and UK Call For FREE Quote.

At CCS we install abseiling anchors in accordance with the recommendations set out in BS Code of Practice 7985:2002 conforming to BS EN795

A fall arrest eyebolt needs to be installed to point of safety, for example inside by a window, and must be loaded correctly to a shear value.
All Eyebolt Testing installers are independently trained and certified in the installation, inspection and testing of eyebolts for all categories of use and in most frequently encountered substrates.

Offering Eyebolt testing london and the Uk
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Monday, 24 December 2012

CCS Rope Access London

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Monday, 1 December 2008

Rope access london UK

We all work outdoors and appreciate how cold/hot jobs can be, Adverse weather conditions, especially for offshore work can take its toll on you quickly if you don’t have the correct clothing for your environment, so make sure you have. You may also need to take different clothing with you and possibly modify your equipment to cope with any adverse conditions you may encounter.Once out ‘in the field’, you’ll be able to get some indication as to possible changes in weather conditions by making a few simple observations. Look at any clouds and see what direction they’re travelling in and at what speed. Check the colour of the sky. If you carry a barometer with you, consult it and look for pressure changes.In windy conditions, debris can fall onto you more easily and you’re more at risk of being knocked off your feet so be extra cautious. Get the correct kit for the job, Above all, if your not sure…. ASK! Remember, even the correct use of PPE doesn’t prevent the accident from happening!
All equipment is subject to stringent inspection, logging and maintenance systems and conforms to the relevant European standard.
the IRATA rope access worker works from two ropes - a working rope and a back-up, safety rope - and is permanently attached to both each rope has a separate anchorage point in the unlikely event of the working rope becoming damaged or unusable, the safety rope prevents a fall to prevent accidental dropping all tools of a suitable weight are attached to the technician at all times; heavier items are independently suspended. all teams are required to be self-sufficient in terms of rescue with one technician always being suitably qualified to supervise. A minimum of two technicians are required for any one job so that one can rescue the other if necessary. If two technicians might be required for a rescue then the minimum team number would be three. all IRATA technicians receive extensive training and independent assessment and are required to undergo re-training every three years training includes rescue procedures even though IRATA has an unrivalled record of safe working all equipment is regularly inspected and well maintained all IRATA training and operational work is conducted in line with Association Guidelines, wherever in the world it is conducted these Guidelines have been endorsed by the Health and Safety Executivefeel confident using it and know its limitations.Rope access is quick and flexible, with most jobs completed before scaffolding and cradles can be installed.
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